C2 Kids Birthday Events

We LOVE our Kids birthday parties!

This is How it works:

Looking for something different this year for a birthday celebration? We’ve got you covered! As you drive up to our beautiful studio a sign will be welcoming the “Birthday Artist” of the day! When you walk in a celebration table will be set up with balloons, decor and table ware…ALL READY TO GO and WAITING for you! Art supplies are set up too in our studio area and your canvases are prepared for the painting you chose ahead of time. Your own personal artist will now walk the group through the step by step instructions of the painting and you will be having SO MUCH FUN!. Now, the birthday artist will receive a BERET as a gift from us AND a fun photo shoot with friends. After the masterpieces are finished it’s party time at the celebration table with whatever cakes and treats you brought in. When its time to go, Canvas & Corks has party favors ready to give out to your friends! Don’t forget to take home your painting too…and enjoy the memories of the birthday party every time you look at it! (oh, and WE do the CLEANUP! 😉

We recommend ages 7 and up for our kids birthday parties but are open to work with younger artists with parent assistance and age expectation.

***All of this is $30 per person with an 8 person minimum or the difference of****

Contact us to sign up! Contact